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Light Blues Clubs

Bedfordshire – Bedfordshire Light Blues Club

Berkshire – The Light Blues Club

Bristol – The Dunckerleys

Buckinghamshire – The North East Corner Club

Cambridgeshire – Cambridgeshire Light Blues

Cheshire – Rough Ashlar Club

Cornwall – The Trelawny Club

Cumberland and Westmorland


Devonshire – The Armada Group

Dorset – Three Pillars Club

Durham – The North East Corner

Essex – Cornerstone Club

Gloucestershire – Glos Light Blues

Guernsey and Alderney

Hampshire and Isle of Wight

North East Area Light Blues

Solent Light Blues Club

Southampton Light Blues Club

South West Area Light Blues


Hertfordshire – Fleet House Light Blues Club

The Isle of Man

Jersey – The Light Blues Club of Jersey

East Kent – The Light Blues Brothers

West Kent – West Kent Light Blues Mess

East Lancashire

West Lancashire

Leicestershire & Rutland – Light Blue Club


London – The Connaught Club

Middlesex – Light Blues Club

Monmouthshire – Monmouthshire Light Blues Club


Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire

Northumberland – Northumberland Light Blues Club

Nottinghamshire – The Byron Club

Oxfordshire – Light Blues Club


Somerset – Adair Club

Staffordshire – Rough Ashlar Club


Surrey – The Foundation Club

Sussex – The Holywell Club

South Wales – The Colonnade Club

Warwickshire – Five of Nine Club

Wiltshire – The Sarsen Club

Worcestershire – Light Blue Club

Yorkshire, North and East Ridings

Yorkshire, West Ridings