About the Foundation Club

The Foundation Club for New Freemasons in Surrey

The Foundation Club is Surrey’s Light Blues Club and was launched in 2014. Since its start, the Foundation Club has grown to become a focal point for new Freemasons living in and around Surrey, providing the means for them to meet.

About the Foundation Club

Club events range from informal social get-togethers to seminars exploring the meaning and history of Freemasonry, to group trips to Lodges and other sites of Masonic interest.

About The  Foundation Club

The Foundation Club was founded to give new “Light Blue” Freemasons in Surrey a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people of similar ages, within Freemasonry; whilst bridging the large geographic area and diversity of Surrey’s many Lodges.

Primarily the Club’s role is to put on events and other occasions, of either a social or educational nature, for new Freemasons to meet each other and encourage their involvement within the fraternity.

We encourage and support participation in our Lodges and in Freemasonry. We promote openness and pride in our membership of the Craft and stress the contemporary role Freemasonry plays in modern society, with particular emphasis placed on its relation to the newer Masons.